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Welcome to the site of the Galileo 7.

This is a science fiction novel for young adults written by Elmar Vogt and illustrated by Bryan Hillesheim, set in an alternative universe which splits of from ours in the early 1970s:

Scientists working for the fledgling European Space Agency come across what they term “Hilbert slingshots,” devices which make interstellar travel possible with the limited technology available in the immediate post-Apollo era. ESA goes to work to create the Galileo experimental spacecraft, manning it with an international crew of seven, which is to explore the surrounding systems in our galaxy.

Of course, right from the start everything goes different as expected…

You can follow this book as it is created, with new chapters being published as they are being written and illustrated. You can chose to read for free, or donate some money, or buy a bit of merchandise which will help us cover the costs of the website, in addition to being an encouragement for us to go on with the story.